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My Angel Card Readings
Quick- find Sitemap

Home Page
My Angel Card Readings Home Page. Scroll down the page for more detailed site information.

Personal Card Reading Information
All the information you may want or need about what to expect from one of my Personal Angel Card Readings

Request a Reading
Reading Request Form and instructions on how to request your Personal Reading

Love and Relationship Angel Card Readings
Personal Love & Relationship Angel Card Readings by request and FREE Angel Love Cards for you to choose by instinct.
* new feature 7.1.10.

Free Angel Messages
Choose your own Angel Card by instinct to gain a message from your Angels

Daily Angel Affirmations
Choose your free Daily Angel Affirmation Card as an aid to Positive Living

Fairy Folk
Galleries of beautiful fantasy fairy art - water animations, glitter animations and much more - also - "the neighbours" !! new feature - February 23rd 2010

Angel Wishes
Send a wish to your Angels.
* new feature 18.5.09.

Fairy Realm
The Magical World of Fairies! Here you can find out how to create a Fairy Garden, and generate your very own Fairy name!
* new feature 13.6.09.

Visitor Comments
Send and view visitor comments about this site, all (suitable) comments will be posted to the site within a week of receipt.
* new feature 19.5.09.

See Unicorn artwork, take part in the "Do you believe in Unicorns?" poll, discover your Unicorn name and more ...
* new feature 29.7.09.

Myths, Mysteries and Legends.
Fantasy or Reality?
* new feature 10.6.09.

Fantasy Art
Two galleries of beautiful fantasy art from Josephine Wall

Living and Healing with Crystals
Comprehensive crystal information and identification, crystals for love, abundance, Angelic contact and healing physical and emotional conditions. Anniversary and month of birth gemstones.

Animated Gifs
Some fun animated Angel gifs for you - page 2 has Christmas Angel gifs, too!

Loads of Christmas pages can be navigated to from here - The Nativity, letters to Santa, traditions & customs, an on-line Advent Calendar and loads of fun, pics, music and games for the Christmas Season.

Links and Widgets
Useful & interesting links and widgets that you can add to your own site if you wish

Guestbook and Forum for chat and more

Healing with The Angels
Healing images, sounds, poems and sayings for meditation and relaxation

Healing Waterfall
A beautiful and relaxing animated waterfall, with sound!

Tropical Waterfall
Sound and Vision - watch the tiger, birds and butterflies and listen to the relaxing sounds of the waterfall and birds.

Nature's Paradise
Sound and Vision - see the deer, birds and butterflies and listen to the tranquil sounds of the river and birds.

Daily Horoscope
Your Daily Horoscope. Zodiac Fantasy Art

Guardian Angel
A lovely and very tranquil animated Guardian Angel for you to meditate on

Test your knowledge with these quizzes -
"How well do you know your Archangels?"
"Crystals - Do you know their Qualities?"
"Crystals - Birthstones - Do you know them?"
"How good is your Spiritual, Holistic and General Knowledge?"
and more ..
n.b: Christmas quizzes can be found here -

Christmas Quizzes You will also find Christmas quizzes for children on both the "Christmas for Kids" and "The Nativity Story" pages.

What phase is the moon in today? You can find out by scrolling down after clicking here.

What Day of the Week were you born?
Do you know what day of the week you were born on? Calculate it here

MJ Music for relaxation
Over 30 tracks of relaxing music which will play automatically at random when you click on this link

Quote of the Day
Most of the pages on the site have "Quotes for thought". Scroll down after clicking this link, and you will find an ever changing quote of the day too

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