Numerology and your name by Laraine Turner

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Numerology and your name

by Laraine Turner

Are you interested in what your name means?

All & every name that exists is also a numerology name, as every letter in your name can be attributed to a number,
and that corresponding number has a meaning that in turn says something about you!

In fact the first letter of your name is taken very seriously in numerology.
This is because your first name is the usual way in which you are referred to.

Numerology is all to do with cosmic vibrations and when your name is spoken a vibration is released
from the letters of your first name and that energy is being put out there into the Universe.

So what does the first letter of your name say about you?
If your name starts with either A, J or S then you definitely have qualities of leadership.
If your name starts with B, K or T then you are known for your kindness & co-operation.
If your name starts with C, L or U then you are intelligent & creative.
If your name starts with D, M or V then you are very hard-working.
If your name starts with E, N or W then you are popular, versatile & attractive.
If your name starts with F, O or X then you are family-minded & loving.
If your name starts with G, P or Y then you are a self-starter & a deep thinker.
If your name starts with H, Q or Z then you are very materialistic.
If your name starts with I or R then you are humanitarian & emotional.

So now you know that your name is also a numerology name & a little of what it means!

In addition to the first letter of your name, the first vowel in your name also adds meaning, check these out below:-

A = You are very individualistic & independent.
E = You are versatile & live for the moment.
I = You are intuitive & understanding.
O = You take on the responsibility of making sure that everyone's happy.
U = You are good at teaching others and very sympathetic.

Taking numerology & names a step further, all of the letters in a name (as it appears on a birth certificate) actually provide a numerologist with a code that can be demystified to discover the three distinct parts of a person’s personality –
The Soul Urge, the ‘Quiet Self’ and the Expression Number.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small insight into Numerology and the meaning of YOUR name.

Laraine is 48, and lives in Grantham, Lincolnshire.
Laraine works full-time creating unique, hand-calculated & interpreted Numerology Charts, specialising in karmic lessons.
She also offers Numerology Jewellery and greetings cards.

This article is © Laraine Turner 2012 and must not be copied, printed or reproduced on any other site or in any other publication
without her written permission.
If you do wish to use this article on any other site or for any other purpose please contact her directly by e-mail, at

You will find Laraine's website, here:

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