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Angel blessings and poems

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All poems and blessings on this page are © Mary Jac 2010/2011
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Your Guardian Angel
"You may see me as huge, or imagine me as small,
I'm right by your side and will hear when you call,
I am loyal and true, you can trust me to care,
I'm your Guardian Angel, I will always be there!"

Wings of gold
"May your Angels come on wings of gold,
a wondrous beauty to behold,
to keep you safe and free from harm,
securely wrapped in loving arms"

There’s always an Angel
Monday’s Angel looks down from above,
Tuesday’s Angel will wrap you in love,
Wednesday’s Angel is healing and caring,
Thursday’s Angel shares the load you are bearing,
Friday’s Angel will shoulder your woes,
Saturday’s Angel will lift you, when low,
Sunday’s Angel will send you affection,
and steer you and point you in your life’s direction.
All of your Angels are protective and giving
you reason to cherish the life you are living.
Whenever you need them, whatever the day,
your Angels will be there to show you the way.

Happiness Blessing:
May the moon renew your energy while you're sleeping,
and the sun give you radiance through the day.
May the rain wash away all your troubles,
sending you a rainbow to show you the way.
May all your worries be small ones,
and your shadows be lightened by stars,
and your heart feel as light as a snowflake,
feeling happiness wherever you are.

Sending you Angels
I'm sending you some Angels, called Love, Joy and Hope,
3 happy, helpful Angels, being sent to help you cope.
Know that Love will now surround you, whilst Joy will bring delight,
whilst Hope will then encourage you to keep your dreams in sight.
Please welcome these lovely Angels, let them help you from on high,
as these caring little beings will ensure that you get by!

Happiness Blessing 2:
"May your days be bathed in sunshine, your nights be lit with stars,
and may the Angel of happiness shine on you,
wherever in the world you are."

Blessing for a new week:
"A brand new week, a bright new day, may your Angels guide you every step of the way,
bring you love and happiness, keep your life calm, and most of all protect you from harm."

Daily Blessing:
"May all your troubles be tiny and all your worries small,
and your Angels come and smooth your way whenever you may call."

Protection Blessing:
"May your Angels fly with you wherever you roam,
and guide you back safely to family and home."

Healing Blessing:
"May you feel the comfort of your Angel's wings,
and be blessed with the Healing that they can bring."

Friendship Blessing :
"Here is my wish-list for my friends,
to bring them contentment before the day ends -
A pinch of faith and a cupful of hope,
a handful of courage to help them cope,
an abundance of health and a heart full of love,
all brought down to them from their Angels above"

Friendship Blessing 2:
"Wishing you health, love, fun and laughter,
and your Angels beside you forever after."

Friendship Blessing 3:
"May your Angels watch over you in all that you do,
sending peace, love and guidance to bring happiness to you"

Friendship Blessing 4:
"May your pathway through life be lit with fun and laughter,
and your guidance from the Angels bring you happiness ever after.” "

May you be blessed with ...
Someone to care for, plenty to do,
something to hope for and good health, too,
achievements to be proud of, and someone to love,
whilst protected and guided by your Angels above.

Soulmate Blessing:
"May your love life blossom and your dreams come true,
by your Angels bringing your Soulmate to you."

Blessing for a new life:
"May the Angels bless this baby, so perfect and pure,
and protect, love and guide him through all of life’s doors.
May he have good health and happiness and a life full of love,
being watched over always by his Angels above."

Angel in your heart:
"An Angel in your heart, they say,
will give you guidance every day!"

Where Angels tread:
"So long as we walk where Angels tread,
we need have no fear of the road ahead."

Trust your Angels
If you’re feeling low or lonely just call your Angels near,
and ask them for their guidance to free you from your fears.
They’ll always give you comfort and send something from above
to help you find contentment through their unconditional love.
It may well be that what they send is not what you expect,
but you’ll see with time and hindsight it was for your very best!

"Angels above you, Angels beside you,
have faith that they're with you, to love you and guide you,
believe that they'll show you the right way to be
happy and peaceful, just trust them, you'll see!"

Lifting you:
"Your Angels will lift you when you're feeling low,
and show you that UP is the only way to go"

"If wishes were cuddles, and they can come true,
I'm sure that the Angels will come and hug you!"

Call with your heart:
"If you're ever alone and feeling blue,
just ask for your Angels to comfort you,
They'll stay right by your side and stop you being scared,
simply call with your heart, and they will be there."

"How many times have you thought in a day,
'I want to believe but can't find a way'?,
Then how many days has that day turned out fine,
by the means of your Angels conveying a sign?
So, remember the times that they've shown you the way,
and trust that they'll guide you through each precious day."

Pass your worries to the Angels:
"Angels can turn our darkness to light,
help our dreams to come true and our worries take flight,
so pass them your burdens, give them your cares,
they're waiting to help you - just trust they are there ..."

"The sparkle of light, the whisper of wings
the fleeting touch that an Angel can bring,
will bring you guidance and surround you with love,
with the comforting presence that comes from above.
A feather, a coin or a butterfly in view,
can also be signs you have Angels with you.
Acknowledge their presence, trust in their care,
and thank them for showing you that they are there."

Listen to your Angels
"When you listen to your Angels,
they can help you find your way,
towards peace and love and happiness, through their guidance every day."

Thank you,Angels!
"I thank all my Angels, so precious and pure,
for guiding me safely through all of life's doors."

Positive Thinking
"Positive thinking creates a doorway
through which Angels love to walk."

Always with you:
"Your Angels stay with you through each precious day,
loving, protecting and lighting your way,
then lay down beside you whilst you sleep at night,
keeping you safe 'til the fresh morning light.” "

Angel Love
Angels send me cushions of love, to see me through each day,
guide me through my problems and help me on my way.
They send me signs to show me that they really are right there,
then protect me whilst I'm sleeping with their extra loving care!

Night-time Blessing:
"May your Angels visit you whilst you sleep,
and bless you with beautiful dreams to keep"

Night-time Blessing 2:
"May you sleep blessed by Angels and have good dreams to tell,
and may you wake in the morning feeling happy and well"

Night-time Blessing 3:
"Imagine yourself sleeping in your Angel's wings,
then dream amid the peace that thought will bring ..."

Night-time Blessing 4:
"Wishing you a peaceful nights sleep and dreams full of love,
All blessed with the presence of your Angels above."

Night-time Blessing 5:
“Dream well, sleep tight,
may your Angels be with you and bless you tonight”

Night-time Blessing 6:
“Cast off your worries, forget all your cares,
Sleep well in the knowledge your Angels are there.”

Night-time Blessing 7:
“May your Guardian Angel pure and bright
guard you whilst you sleep tonight.”

Night-time Blessing 8:
“May you dream the dreams of Angels
where all your worries cease,
whilst you sleep the sleep of the innocent,
full of love contentment and peace”

Night-time Blessing 9:
“May you have wonderful dreams of beautiful things,
whilst wrapped in your Guardian Angel's wings.”

Night-time Blessing 10:
“May your dreams be filled with Angels
whilst you sleep the night away,
bringing peace and love and guidance
which will help you through each day.”

Night-time Blessing 11:
“May your dreams be inspired with angelic love,
bestowed upon you from the heavens above”

"When in doubt - look up!"

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