The meanings of our dreams 2 - dream interpretation - Alex Coster

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The meanings of our dreams - 2

By Alex Coster

This is the second article written for Mary's site, giving the meanings of 6 more dream topics for you.
To read my first article, please click HERE
I hope you enjoy the new dream topics discussed below.
~ Alex

A house in a dream represents our physical self/body. It's a very common dream and it helps to define the meaning if we can remember which rooms in the house appeared in our dream too:
The living room – suggests the need to communicate, also for rest and relaxation. If a family member or friend is in the room with you, it could mean that you need to communicate with them more.
The bathroom or kitchen - can suggest digestion or the process of eliminating things. .
The bedroom – can signify reproduction, rest, meditation. .
The attic - suggests the thoughts which are on our minds. .
The hallway - would suggest change.

These dreams usually occur if we are feeling anxious or stressed over something, and again, are common, so nothing to worry about.
Although it is not a nice dream to have, it is actually good for us, as it helps us to release any pent up anger or stress that we are holding onto.

Although not as common, the sky holds a lot of meaning in our dreams.
As it’s something we look up to, it’s symbolic of our way of thinking -
A blue sky represents how we express our views. Blue means expression or our philosophy on life,
so it would indicate how we are handling our attitude towards events in our lives.
White clouds tell us to be more confident in our thinking.
The sun represents healing and positivity.
A dark sky tells us to de-stress and think more positively.

Seeing a shop in a dream suggest needs or responsibilities. What happens in the shop can indicate something we may need to work on.
An owner of a shop can be a help or guide so pay attention to what they say or show you.
Food shown in a shop can suggest u need to change eating habits, jewellery indicates a psychic gift,
and clothes represent your attitude and your mood.

Dreaming of a bridge can represent a change.
These dreams are common when we are thinking of changing something in our lives, e.g: career, house move etc.
If we find the bridge hard to cross, it can suggest we don’t feel fully confident enough yet to make that change,
but having the dream reassures us that we do have more confidence than we think! .
A bridge can also represent “building a bridge” of reconciliation.

Seeing mirrors in dreams can be quite common and can represent the reproduction system,
as they are showing an image of ourselves reflecting back at us.
A white edged mirror can be asking us to be more confident, and a black mirror would ask us to be less negative.
The mirror can suggest also that what we reflect bounces back, for instance - if we give out happiness, then it is reflecting back to us.

Alex, aged 37, lives in Ireland, is a well respected Dreams Expert, and mother to 4 children.

This article is © Alex Coster 2012 and must not be copied, printed or reproduced on any other site or in any other publication
without her written permission.
If you do wish to use this article on any other site or for any other purpose please contact her directly through her facebook page

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