The meanings of our dreams 1 - dream interpretation - Alex Coster - August 2012

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The meanings of our dreams - 1

By Alex Coster

I will be writing regular dream interpretation articles for Mary's site, of which this is the first.
Below are just a few dream meanings for you. All of the dreams discussed on this page are surprisingly common.

*There is now second article on this site, giving the meanings of 6 more dream topics for you.
You can read the second article HERE
~ Alex

Flying in dreams can be fairly common , but as we cant really fly , this refers to our ability to literally fly or soar over problems. It represents that we have a strong mind and intellect. It shows the ability to be able to step away from problems and see them from a different angle or perspective. It literally gives us an uplifting feeling, although it may feel scary at first. By flying we can also project good thoughts to others, e.g. absent healing. To dream of flying with others can suggest a guide for us, someone who helps us on a spiritual journey.

When we dream of lost loved ones, it is their way of letting us know they are around us and there for us, they can give us messages for ourselves but also for others. 90 percent of our dreams are about us, even if others appear in them, the other people are often references to a current situation or our own feelings. Passed loved ones can give us messages either through conversation or showing us symbols, or both Ė for instance, just to show us the colour green can refer to healing for us, or telling us to open up our emotions more. They can also show us numbers - e.g. 2 ... telling us to communicate more, or 4 ... telling us to stop limiting our abilities so much, they may not show us much but even a small symbol can have a significant meaning.

Doors in dreams can have different meanings all depending how they are viewed. They can represent opportunities to us, if we fear going through a doorway it means we are afraid to take an opportunity, to close a door represents refusing an opportunity, locking a door has the same meaning. Large glass doors represent how we use our intuition, as glass represents how we are instinctively seeing certain situations.

Dreaming about teeth can be quite common, and can represent different meanings depending what else is in the dream or what situation we are experiencing at the time. Just as animals carry their young in their teeth, dreaming of them can suggest reproduction or a worry over our children, as animals carry their young in their teeth, so we may feel we are losing control over a situation, e.g. if our children are becoming more independent, moving house, starting a new school etc . Teeth can also refer to us being more alert, or getting a better grip on a situation. Dreams of loosing teeth can be set off by any of these factors where we may feel we need to be stronger in a situation.

Telephones in dreams represent communication. If you have lost your phone or it is broken, it suggests that you may be having problems communicating or sharing feelings over a matter. Depending on other symbols in the dream, telephones can also represent the ability of telepathy or being a clairaudient. These symbols can be the colour purple, as it represents spirituality, or numbers - e.g. the number 7, which refers to our more spiritual side, (your spiritual centre is your seventh chakra). Also the number 9, which although not very commonly seen in dreams, can suggest that we are spiritually advanced and therefore tells us to follow in the path in which we are gifted.

Donít be concerned, as seeing death in dreams can be very common, and although it can be scary, it suggests that we need to leave any negative thoughts that we may have firmly in the past. We need to let go of the negativity that we are feeling, in order to move into the future with positivity. A lot of times, when we may dream of loved ones dying, this just suggests our closeness to them and our fear of losing them, the dream tells us that we need to stop stressing and worrying so much, and leave our stress in the past.

Alex, aged 37, lives in Ireland, is a well respected Dreams Expert, and mother to 4 children.

This article is © Alex Coster 2012 and must not be copied, printed or reproduced on any other site or in any other publication
without her written permission.
If you do wish to use this article on any other site or for any other purpose please contact her directly through her facebook page

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