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Angel Questions and Answers

Here you'll find answers to a lot of the Angel Questions I am asked.
I try to choose the questions to which I think the answers could help and enlighten a lot of people.
If you have a question specifically about Angels that you would like me to consider for featuring, and have your answer published here,
please title your mail "Angel Questions" and e-mail it to me at
all questions will be considered for suitability and posted here if selected.
~ Mary Jac xx

Liz asks ~ Do you think that Angels await us at Heaven’s gates when we are ready to join our loved ones and do they look the same as when we last saw them so that we can recognize them?

Mary answers ~
Yes, I do. From personal experience, I remember my husband seeing his deceased dad in the corner of the room in his last hours, and chatting with him too. So I do believe that when we pass over we are greeted and cared for by those who we loved and lost, whilst Archangel Azrael helps us to adjust, too. In answer to the latter part of your question, I also believe that we will either see them in the form that we last saw them, or in a way that we would have remembered them best from times gone past.


Kerry asks ~ How can we connect with our Angels – what is the best way?

Mary answers ~
There are so many ways that we can do this. Firstly we need to be open and receptive to the many ways they will try to connect with us through signs that we will personally recognize, such as songs we may keep hearing which will strike a personal chord. We can also connect through the use of Angel cards, asking that the Angels guide us to choose the right ones for each different day, circumstances or in answer to any questions we may wish to ask them. Another way is to find some quiet time and space, clear your head of all ‘mind chatter’ and simply listen to the intuitive guidance that will come your way. You can also ask the Angels to bring you messages or guidance in your dreams if you find it difficult to relax in your waking hours. You can simply chat out loud to them, too – just imagine that you’re chatting to a friend – they will be sure to hear you!


Hannah asks ~ Is it true that Angels can help me with little things like finding a parking space? Don’t they have far more important things to do?

Mary answers ~
The Angels love to be called on and take great pleasure in helping us with all kinds of things, however small, and are never too busy to help us. I have personally called on the “Parking Angels” quite a few times and they have always obliged with a space when there were seemingly none – give it a try!


Caroline asks ~ I don’t know if I still believe in Angels! Every day I ask them to send me a sign to prove they are there and nothing happens. Why don’t they send me anything?

Mary answers ~
Sometimes we can try too hard, and like anything in life, the more we desperately look or search for something, the more it seems to evade us. I’m sure that your Angels will be subtly showing you they are there with lots of small ‘messages’ that you could be missing, at times when you are least expecting it. Relax, stop waiting for something hugely obvious to happen, and be open to the many little ways that they will be alerting you to their presence. I’m sure you will then find that you become more aware of their many and varied signs, making them very happy that you have done so.


Kylie asks ~ Are there Angels for everyone in this whole world, and do we have one Angel who stays with us forever?

Mary answers ~
Yes, there are Angels for absolutely everyone. When we are born we are appointed a Guardian Angel who stays with us right through our lives, helping, supporting and protecting us. And throughout our lives different Angels will come and go to help us through particular periods of difficulty, change or expansion, staying with us for as long as necessary. We also, of course, are surrounded by all of those people who we have loved and lost who are now part of the angelic realm – we are never alone.


Fran asks ~ Is there a specific Angel I can call on by name for help with my pets?

Mary answers ~
Yes – Archangel Ariel is the Angel of nature, loves animals and birds, and will always try to help you with healing or any other request or problem connected with your pets. If deep healing is needed, I would also call on Archangel Raphael, who is a great healer in all ways for all earthly beings, both human and animal.


Mike asks ~ I’m going on holiday in June and I am very scared of flying – is there an Angel I can call on?

Mary answers ~
A lot of people worry about travelling, whatever form it takes, and as flying is not something that most of us undertake every day, it can seem very daunting. There are two Angels that you can call on. Firstly ask Archangel Michael to protect you and keep you safe on your travels. Secondly you can call upon Archangel Raphael, asking that he ensures all travel plans run smoothly – i.e: to help you keep your tickets and passport safe, and that your flight is running on time with no delays or problems at the airport. You can also ask Archangel Raphael to help keep you calm throughout your time in transit – he is sure to help you.


Sandy asks ~ Who or what is an Earth Angel?

Mary answers ~ An Earth Angel is someone in human form that is sent to help you in many ways. This could be a complete stranger who you will find yourself chatting to unexpectedly at a significant time, who may give you invaluable advice or new insight into a situation that has been troubling you. It could also be someone with whom you will form a close bond which will greatly enhance your life, or get you through a difficult time. To encounter an Earth Angel is a blessing indeed.


Anna asks ~ I want to attract love and romance into my life. How can the Angels help me do this?

Mary answers ~ Talk to Archangel Chamuel – the Angel of love, asking that you are blessed with the relationship you want, need and deserve. Chamuel works very hard to bring us meaningful relationships, and unite us with our soulmates, too. You could also wear or carry a small piece of Rose Quartz – one of the crystals known to resonate with Archangel Chamuel’s auric energy. Always believe that you are lovable, too, as this will attract good and loving people towards you, bringing you the love and happiness you are yearning for.


Anne asks ~ I recently lost my Mum and I don’t know if she is safe. Is there an Angel with her that I can talk to, and will the Angels help me to face life without her?

Mary answers ~ I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Archangel Azrael is the Angel that will be helping your Mum to make a smooth transition from the earthly plane into the angelic realm, and you can be sure also that she will be cared for by family or friends who she may have lost previously, so please don’t worry that she is alone. You can also talk with Archangel Azrael yourself, who is there to comfort and support those who are grieving. Chat with your Mum, too, she will be able to hear you, and will be doing all that she can to help you in your time of need, just as she would have done in life.


Siobhan asks ~ I’ve heard that the Angels can help me to find things that I have lost. I’m sure that my engagement ring is in the house somewhere but despite looking over and over for it, I can’t find it. How can the Angels help me?

Mary answers ~
You’ve heard right – yes, the Angels love to help us in many ways and helping us to find lost objects is one of them. Y ou can call on Archangel Chamuel or one of your own Angels, and try this – taking a moment to sit quietly, calmly ask out loud “Angels, please may I have my engagement ring back?”. Then follow your inner guidance which will then tell you where to look, no matter if you are sure you have searched there before or even if you think it’s a strange place to look. If your ring is in the house there is a fantastic chance that your Angels will now lead you to where it is. It sounds almost too simple, but trust me, it works!


Betty asks ~ I would love to do my own readings, but don’t have the confidence that I am gifted enough to do so. Can anyone read Angel cards?

Mary answers ~
Yes, absolutely, I believe that each and everyone of us has the ability to read the cards, should we wish to. All you have to do is believe that, relax, and trust that it is your Angels who will guide you to choose the correct cards at any given time, and you just can’t go wrong!


Sue asks ~ I keep finding white feathers in my flat. I don’t have any birds or feather bedding. Could they really be from Angels and what should I do with the feathers when I find them?

Mary answers ~
White feathers are the most well known way that our Angels and lost loved ones will alert us to their presence. We usually come across them when we are least expecting them and they are often sent when we are going through a difficult time in our lives to reassure us that we have angelic support. I personally pick up the feathers, say “thank you” and keep them, treasuring them as gifts from the angelic realm.


David asks ~ Please can you help me? I’m out of work at the moment and really worried about money. I’ve tried so hard to get a job but I get so nervous at interviews that I keep messing them up. I think I need help from the Angels!

Mary answers ~ Firstly, you can call upon Archangel Ariel, asking that all your financial needs are met – it’s unlikely that you will win the lottery, but you will find that you will be guided towards ways of gaining the money you need to get by. When it comes to interviews , ask that Archangel Chamuel (Angel of love, confidence and careers) ‘comes with you’ and imagine the angelic presence whilst there, giving you the support and confidence boost you need. You can also ask Archangel Michael to bestow you with extra courage on the day. Good luck!


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